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Party Animal- Mastering Spray Tan Parties

Our top 7 questions answered on how to make sure you slay your next spray tan party!

Where are they held usually?

We suggest asking your clients what they would prefer. Do you have a salon that can hold the amount of guests they would like- offer an in-house party to gain exposure for your salon to the host's friends. Or, help your clients feel comfortable in one of their homes. Whatever your business model, there is room on your service menu for parties.

Do I discount my pricing for a party?

Do what you feel comfortable with for your business. Many salons offer a free tan to the host with X amount of attendees that participate. You can also allot to offer a flat discounted fee for parties to gain traction. Also, offering discounts for larger parties (we're talking 10+ guests) usually helps with groups like sports teams or sororities to make them event loyal to your salon.

What do I bring?

If you are traveling, pack your normal mobile kit and enough solution and disposables for the amount of tanners. Bring some goodie bags to promote your services after everyone goes home. Also, if you have the ability- PACK RETAIL! This is a great opportunity to sell your retail tan extending items. If the party is coming to you- have out some beverages and light treats. Crank the music and set the mood!

Do I send out the invites?

Not typically. This usually falls on the host. Suggest that they make a Facebook event - this usually helps people get excited and provides a comfortable forum for any questions they may have prior to the party.

What do I tell my host to supply?

If you are traveling to an on-site party, help them out. We suggest having a party page dedicated on your website as a resource for your hosts. This also encourages people to book parties with you. Suggest that they make a fun tanning play list, have some snacks, maybe some cocktails- remind them that this is a party and their job is to bring the fun, you bring the tans!

Do I need to give anything away?

Completely up to you! Who doesn't love freebies though, right? If you carry retail samples, this is a great opportunity to up-sell your retail at the party or at a later date. Make little goodie bags for them and include your business card, a referral card or a loyalty card. Toss in some straws too, helps protect them with drinks while freshly tanned.

How do I handle a larger party without loosing my mind or the entire day?

Communication and proper scheduling. Yes, it's that simple. If you can have all your guests arrive at the same time, this is ideal. This way you can cover all your pre and post tanning instructions in one sitting to all attendees, rather than for each individual. This saves a lot of time and allows you to become a one person tanning factory! If your party guests need to be staggered for any reason, just take your time and coordinate with your host as how to lay them out in intervals. You know your tanning speed, so plan accordingly. Also, have printed post care information they can take with them as a reminder.

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