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Getting your ish together

It might not always be fun to don our big girl panties, but welcome to the major leagues, babe. So if you are serious about becoming your own boss and running a kick-ass spray tan salon, then you have come to the right place.

But knowing when and where to start can sometimes be the most challenging part of the process. How do you really know if spray tanning, either with a store front or mobile, is right for you and your area.

Here are some key questions to ask yourself before diving into the deep end.

Personal Digging

+ Do you have the time?

+ What is your tribe like?

+ What is important to you?

+ Are you ready to keep going when everyone else stops?

+ Why do you want to do spray tanning?

+ What do you want to feel by owning your own business?

Business Digging

+ Are you committed to being the best in your market at your craft?

+ Have you researched equipment and solution costs?

+ Why does being certified matter to you?

+ What type of salon do you want to be?

+ Who is your demographic?

+ Do you want a location or to be on the go?

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