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Going Live!

Tips and tricks for going live on Facebook

Social Media Help for Spray Tanning

1. Give them a teaser

Give your tribe a reason to tune in! Are you showing off a new product or service? Running a sale? New team member? Answering a pain point? All of these are great reasons to go live and capture a targeted audience that is engaged and excited to be with you in real time.

2. Let them know in advance

Create that amazing anticipation by letting your tribe know when (and maybe even where) you'll be going live. Springing a go live session can be fun peppered in, but we found letting people know the day before and again an hour before to remind them works the best.

3. Check your surroundings & connection

Make sure you are in an environment that is visually appealing. If you are at your salon- tidy it up! At an event- pick the spot that will wow your audience! Try to be in a space where your audience can also hear you- noise clutter is just as bad as visual clutter when it comes to distractions (squirrel!). Finally, none of the above even matters if your connection is shoddy. Check your WiFi connection beforehand and create a stable environment for your viewers so you can capitalize on all the momentum and anticipation you have built. Also, remember that if your signal is weak, the 'Go Live' button becomes grayed out.

4. Respond genuinely

Facebook live is awesome for real-time interaction with your tribe. So take advantage of this! When your viewers are sending hearts fluttering across your screen or chiming in hi- recognize them by name and have fun with them. They tuned in for a reason, make them feel their time is valuable and you appreciate their support. Psychology will also show, people love hearing their own name- so get personal with it!

5. Analyze your results

It's all fun and games, but this is still a business tool. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results- so if your videos are not getting the traction you desire, find out why. Facebook's great for this and treats live videos similar to pre-recorded ones with their analytics. Take a look at your live viewer count, number of people reached, their reactions, quality of comments, and number of shares. Each measurable metric can also be clicked on to gain a better detailed view of that category.

Learn more about Facebook Live in our Social Media Babe course coming soon!

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