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Have what it takes?

Love taking continuing education classes, but know you have something to offer the world as well? Do you see a need in our industry that is being missed? Ever had course remorse and know you could have done it better? We feel ya! That's why we know we can't dominate this sunless game alone- we need you and your amazing brain! We're not talking about an idea bank here, Babe. We want you INVOLVED! 


But how do you get started? How do you organize your thoughts? How do you even know if anyone will even want to listen to what you have to say? This is where we come in, Babe. We do all the heavy lifting while you get to help other Tan Pro Babes grow their businesses.

Image by Daria Nepriakhina

Do You Hear the Calling?

While this might just seem like the latest fad, virtual learning is the future, Babe. Online courses are, honestly, just one way to share your industry information or your special skills with the world in a consistent fashion. That doesn't seem so sleazy or scary, does it? But we all know there are many out there with a lot of fluff and lacking in substance just to make a pretty penny. That's why we wanted to create our course learning around a community. A community that includes you. We've heard you in the forums online, seen your educational Instagram posts to your clients, watched your videos online, you're no fraud, Babe. You have information that can benefit the industry and you are ready to share it. Ready to join us? Awesome!

Start by asking yourself, “What’s something I have experience with that I could share with other Babes? What topics get me excited?” Think of a unique way you have carved out a niche for yourself and your sunless business that you think could really help others. 

Creating Your Course

Tan Pro Babes was never designed to be a one-woman show, we are about community here. That means, we get you have a lot to offer, Babe, and we want to know it! But to designing an online course, there are multiple facets to consider - that's where we get to work for you!

We apply a collaborative approach to course writing. You are not alone and we are not here to dictate your message. What we are here to do is help ensure your message comes across clearly, is consistent, is meaningful, and is applicable in the real world. We also help keep you on track- are steps being completed and on time, are your ideas in a cohesive flow that's easy to learn and retain, are your resources reliable, and so much more. Plus, we make the course for you! All slides, pictures, music, freebies, outlines, and workbooks are all taken care of for you. You even have the option to have your voice in the teachings or let our professional Voice Talent take over. After your course is created, we launch it for you under the Tan Pro Babes brand. Giving you exclusive access to our pool of established Tan Pro Babes and our marketing services, so launch fear is a thing of the past. Pretty easy, huh?!

Course creation applications are reviewed individually to see how best to asses the needs of the industry and the content creator. This means we analyze your topic, overall message, resources, and personal brand to ensure everything is in line with the Tan Pro Babes brand and consistent with our overall message. We cannot guarantee you or your course idea will be implemented or when, but we will always be in communication with any decision we make regarding your course idea. If your idea is accepted, we will reach out to begin the creation process. How much you want to be involved is up to you, but the more involved, the higher the potential for a bigger payout when the course is launched- remember, this is a team effort, Babe. Payouts to course creators are a percentage of sales brought in during launch times. Percentages are determined based off the level of involvement and are further discussed once a course concept is accepted. 

Supporting Other Small Businesses

Your course will be helping other men and women in the tanning game up their level. How cool is that?! 

Our sunless community is strengthening each year and it's up to us to keep it growing in that trend. Each student that enrolls in your custom created course, is signing up to take themselves and their business more seriously. They are ready to do the hard work you designed, ready to be pushed by you to uncomfortable new levels, and reap the rewards of your amazing guidance. 

This is why we do it. Community over competition. Because there's always someone smarter than you in the room, Babe.

What We are Currently Looking for...

Unsure of your own course idea or direction? No worries, Babe. We have some current needs that you may be a great fit for helping us with completing. Take a look at the list below and drop us a note if you want in- we'll fill you in on the rest personally!

  • Contouring Experts

  • Competition Experts

  • Social Media Experts

  • SEO Experts

  • Heavily Seasoned Experts (we're talking 10+ years of running your spray tanning business, Babe!)

  • Competition Tanning Experts

  • Retail Sales Experts (we're talking numbers here, Babe, so be ready!)

  • Local Marketing Experts


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