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Keeping it Friendly

Do you feel like your tan game is strong, but outside the treatment room you fall flat?


Wish you knew how to help your team with unhappy clients?

Ready to start having pre-bookings roll in easier?

Master the client experience, Babe!


Here's the Story...


You are doing all you can to tan as many people as you can. Some come back, some don't. Maybe you even have some retail on a shelf. It's been there a while though. Spring and early summer are great, but the rest of the year is pretty lean. You do a promotion here and there, but no real traction. If you have a front desk, you employee seems more concerned with their personal Instagram than picking up the salon phone. And you're tired. This was supposed to be fun, right? 


Ok, maybe it's not that bleak, but you get it- and so do we.


What you permit, you promote, Babe.


We want your business to have a culture of fun, but also of high standards, hard work, and accountability. That means learning what to do and not to do, how to look the part, and how to ensure each visit is consistent- all this helps build trust with your clients and that is the number one goal always (besides paying rent). Let's get your salon the energy it needs and stop going through the motions we think a business owner should be doing- that never helps our bottom line.


Start taking control of every aspect of your salon- including the front desk and your clients.

Our Concierge Babe Course is designed to help your front desk team become your partners, not just employees. Even if you are a solo tanning artist, these skills can still be applied to create an invaluable customer experience that develops into a healthy and loyal clientele.


Plus, as a spray tan artist it can also be easy to solely focus on the most basic part of the business- spray tanning, but that leaves a lot on the table that both you and your clients are missing out on: retail. Maximizing your client's experience also means when they are at home. Retail is the perfect place to do this! It entrenches you with them as a true sunless expert and boosts your bottom line. 


Did you know?

When three retail products are recommended, the probability of the client making a purchase is 90%!


Wow, that's pretty amazing! And pretty easy money!


Well this all sounds great, but it can be overwhelming with knowing where to begin or how to do it- this is where we come in! We want your salon space and staff working to make you money all the time and with minimal effort.

Let us show you how, Babe!

I'm ready to keep my clients happy!

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Hold the phone! 

Our clients are judging us constantly. And not just on how well we bronzed them before their next event. We have all had one of those days that could have been handled better or left money on the table, and we are here to say they are now behind you, Babe. We have mastered the client experience and want you to feel just as confident any time the phone rings. Because happy clients mean returning clients, new referrals, and more money!



Running a business is hard, so we're here to help. We want to help make it easier on you and your team to create the best client experience consistently.


What can you expect, Babe?

From first impressions to lasting loyalty, we go over every step to ensure you make and keep your clients happy! Here's a sneak peek inside the classroom and what you can expect.


Topics are easily broken down in bite-sized modules to make learning easy and available when you are. We also created the Concierge Babe Workbook to help you follow along with the lessons, but also to create your own comprehensive guest-services reference to have for years to come.


We've also included individual downloads to get your front desk operating more efficiently, like phone and in-person scripts, client forms, checklists, and more!


Creating an appearance that is brand cohesive and encourages clients to take you seriously.


From scheduling to post care, we show you how to give your customers an experience no one can match.


Everything from what to do when you open, to transitioning during staff changes, and how to close up shop properly.


We'll help your salon develop a culture around booking in advance and clients maintaining their tans regularly.


We show you our favorite ways to stay connected to clients and get them coming back for more.


Understanding why they get upset, how to handle them with care, and how to prevent it from happening again.


It can seem scary, but this one tool can truly change your business and help you make money in your sleep.


We made it easy to get all the info you need while maintaining a professional look.

I'm ready to keep my clients happy!

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Enrollment is currently closed.

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So, is this for me? 

The CEO of Xerox once said, "Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a whole person — not just an employee — are more productive, more satisfied, more fulfilled. Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which leads to profitability." Even if you don't have additional employees yet, you are your business's first one. Making a financial investment can seem scary, but if you are ready to take your salon to the next level- making sure your team is as strong as possible is paramount. How do you know if you could benefit from some additional customer service coaching? Take a look at some of these questions to ask yourself:

  • Working harder and wishing you were working smarter? Yes.

  • New to being a boss and not sure where to start? Yes.

  • Have a small client base, but wish you knew how to get them to book more often? Yes.

  • Current salon owner looking to maximize their revenue? Yes.

  • Drowning in your business and feel like your clients are suffering? Yes.

  • Needing direction so you can give direction to your team? Yes.

  • Have retail dying on your shelf and not sure how to get it to move? Yes.

Answer "yes" to any of these? Some sounding like your team? Then you are in the right spot, Babe!

Understanding your clients helps you be their personal expert consultant, not just another spray tan tech or sales associate.

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What's next? 

This. Decide your clients are worth it! Click the "Enroll" button below!​


Then this. Grab some coffee (or wine), your favorite pen (we know you have one), and a notebook. Login to your classroom portal, and get to work! All videos, printables, and bonuses are together in one spot to make it easy.


Ready?  Okay, just keep scrolling to enroll today, Babe!


We got your back, Babe! 


That's right, Babe. We are proud to offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. All you have to do is complete the course in full, show us your completed workbooks, and let us know what we missed.

I'm ready to keep my clients happy!

Thanks for submitting!

Enrollment is currently closed.

Find out when you can enroll.

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