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Get to know us, Babe!

A little about us...

Tan Pro Babes does just what it says, turns women with dreams of an independent lifestyle and a career they can call their own into spray tan experts that have their own business. But how do you know if you are really qualified before tanning your first client? Becoming certified is the best way to start and helps your new clients feel comfortable that they are in the hands of a professional. But where do you start? We've been there- struggling to find a place that teaches you, not just the how's, but the why's. Become a certified spray tan technician that understands the science of skin and the products you are using- be your client's tanning guru and trusted skin adviser. 

At Tan Pro Babes, we want to help you capture all the success you deserve. That's why we are so much more than a spray tan certification center. Let us help you craft the perfect salon vision, cater to your true target audience and create an online presence no one in your local community can ignore. 

Are you ready to turn Pro, Babe?

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